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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Shapes, Shapes, & More Shapes

Shapes Unit Following Directions
I have been working on developing a shapes unit that includes many different skill levels. I have submitted a 40 page unit to Teachers Pay Teachers. You can find the unit at the following link:

The most challenging level are the first pages that involve reading, following directions, counting, and coloring. For students that do not yet read you can read the directions to them. An example is pictured on the right.  Sample Page

The next set of worksheets involve tracing, coloring, or cutting out shapes. The individual shape worksheets are simple. However the worksheets with multiple shapes are more complex. Sample Page

Finally there are 3 different sets of memory games. The first set all the shapes are the same color and the student matches the shape to the word. Second each shape is a different color so 2 blue circles, 2 red squares... With this type the student may be matching based on color and not shape (so it is a little more simple) Last all the shapes are different colors this way the child has to recognize the shape and not use the color as a prompt.

These worksheets can be completed in a whole group setting, small group, or individual work, centers, or TEACCH.

Shapes Unit - Tracing and Cutting
Shapes Unit Memory Game

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Froggy Counting

Froggy Counting ~ Flies
I created a froggy counting activity for my students. The packet includes a black line master and color version. The froggy unit is free on Teachers Pay Teachers This activity can be used in several ways:
  • Print the black line copy to give to each student. Then using stamp ink they can "squash" the flies as they count the flies. This is great because they will know if they have counted that fly already or not and this skill works on finger isolation (fine motor)
  • Print the color version, cut in half, and laminate. Have the students use small fly swatters or something similar to swat the flies as they count. After they have counted the flies they can place the corresponding fly number on each froggy.
  • This activity can also be placed in a center or independent work station or used in a TEACCH task to promote independent work.

Froggy Counting ~ Flies

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Camel Rides at Tuacahn
I work with an adorable kiddo that loves Disney and music. Well a wonderful outdoor theater called Tuacahn located just outside of St. George UT put on a production of Aladdin. This student went to see the show earlier in the summer and since then has been fascinated by camels. He has decided that he wants to be a camel for Halloween. This past weekend was the school districts fall break. I was very excited to go to Tuacahn to see Aladdin. I saw the show and it was incredible Broadway worthy performance. The next day Tuacahn had a market with lots of craft vendors. I went back to check out the market. When I arrived I realized that they were offering camel rides with the camels from the show. I quickly called the child's mom to find out if they were in the area and told her about the camel rides. She hopped in her car and quickly drove over. When he arrived he said, "Miss Jackson you found a camel for me" He very quickly went up the stairs where you can get on the camel. Then he realized that the camel was very large and became scared. Luckily his little brother said he would ride with him. The brother hopped on first and then he climbed onto the back. The camel took a step forward and he said "Woa take it nice and slow" and "careful, slowly now" After his short ride it was time to get off the camel. He was having too much fun and wanted to stay on, but he hopped off and then found some greens to feed the camel. I was glad I could share in this experience.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween Silhouette

Halloween Art - Water Color with black shapes and border

I gave my students a piece of 12x12 paper (you want to use at least card stock for this art project). Then I told them to paint with water colors over the entire piece of paper. Their papers were very wet by the end but that is alright because they dry and create a cool background. Then we placed a black border all the way around the edge to frame their silhouette. My students with better fine motor skills created their own shapes to cut out from the black paper. For the kiddos with more motor difficulties I had pre-cut Halloween shapes using a Cricut machine. They then could choose which shapes they wanted and place them on their paper. In the end all their art projects looked amazing!

Halloween Art - Water Color with black shapes and border

Spider Web Art

Halloween Art - Spider Web
A fun way to create a spider web is to use glue on wax paper. If you are working with older students you can have them use a hot glue gun to create this effect. For younger students I have used Elmer's glue (to add a bit of fun you could add food coloring to make the spider web black.) Make sure that the entire web is connected together so that when you peal the spider web off the wax paper it will be one solid piece. You can also create a simple spider from things found around your home or school. This spider was created from bobby pins and 2 beads that were all hot glued together. You could also use buttons or rocks for the spiders head and body.  

4 Seasons Art with Fingerprints

Art for Season - Fingerprint Trees
I am teaching my students about the seasons. I found this great picture of a tree and then we made the tree look like each season. The kids used stamp ink to create the leaves, flowers, and grass. Then for the winter tree I combined equal parts Elmer's Glue and Shaving cream to create this puffy mixture. Using a Q-tip the kids added snow to their winter tree and the ground.
Season Tree Printable

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Halloween Movement

Halloween Movement
Halloween, my most recent addition to the set of movement activities for kiddos. When your students need to get their wiggles out have them line up on one side of the classroom. Show them one card at a time to have them move across the classroom like ghosts, skeletons, Frankenstein, and more. I love these activities because they are quick and can refocus your students.  Halloween Movement